Outline of VIA

Japan Vehicle Inspection Association (VIA) is a neutral and public organization aiming for improving the consumer safety and environment through providing the test and inspection services on vehicle emission, bicycles, helmets, etc.

1. Name
Japan Vehicle Inspection Association (VIA)
2. Representative
President  Mr. KUNOGI Yoshiharu
3. Establishment
February 26, 1949
4. Address
Head Office & Tokyo Testing Laboratory
        7-26-28, Toshima, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 114-0003, JAPAN
Osaka Testing Laboratory
        2-66-2, Yamamoto-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, 590-0983, JAPAN
5. Business
(1) Test and Inspection Services
     vehicle emission gas and noise, glasses and lamps for vehicles, bicycles, helmets,
     light alloy auto wheels
(2) JIS Certificate Service
(3) Bicycle Technician Certifying Exam
6. Brochure
To display the brochure "Profile of VIA"(Japanese/English version),please click the following button.
7. Contact
It would be appreciated if you would contact VIA by fax (+81-3-5902-3411).